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In recent years, Pitcher Build’s experience on a variety of projects has enabled the brickwork division to build team that not only specialises in traditional methods but also in the ever-growing modern methods we see in today’s buildings. Pitcher Build holds a wealth of experience in creating stunning brickwork visuals.


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Things to know

Things to know about our Brickwork Packages

What brick should I use?

The type of brick used is usually dependant on existing brickwork so to create continuity, however a new build maybe down to client’s choice/design. Having said that on most projects planning will have the overall decision.

What’s the difference in mortar?

Bricklaying or stone-laying mortar: This type of mortar is used to bond together stones or bricks.

Finishing mortar: This type of mortar is used for pointing and plastering works.

Mortar can be categorised according to the type of binding material that is used, as this, along with quantities, will determine the quality and strength of the mortar: Lime mortar, cement mortar, gypsum mortar to name a few.


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