We offer repairs and replacement of new drives or paths. A top-class finish using a wide range of materials to meet client requirements. Slabbing is a great way to personalise your property and create that kerb appeal. A new driveway or patio is easier to maintain, and more importantly adds value to your home.


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Things to know

Things to know about our Slabbing

Do I need a flat surface?

If you’re planning to construct any new paved areas or patios, choose surfaces that allow water to permeate through, or run easily off them. In addition, take into account that the surface will need a slight fall, or slope, to allow water to drain away from your house and any outdoor buildings.

What sort of pointing to use?

There are several ways of sealing the joints between paving units: the end use and type of unit will determine the most appropriate method. Many of the most popular methods incorporate a cement and so create a solid, inflexible joint. This is what is normally referred to as “Mortar Pointing” or rigid pointing. An alternative strategy utilises a pure kiln-dried sand, and is typically reserved for flexible block paving, small element paving and some decorative patio flags/slabs.


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